Monday, November 1, 2010

A small spot ... and a minor explosion

It's November 1st ... and I just finished October's blocks for Fresh Modern Bee 2 ... well ... one day late isn't too bad ...

This month we're making blocks for Danielle at Petit Elefants and she's all about squares, squares and more squares!  She's sent us a mix of fabric from Wonderland, Hunky Dory, and Tweet Tweet ... plus a little Kona Ash.  The blocks can be any size between 4" or 16".

I am actually quite pleased with my first block.  I got the little chick centered in the middle and I really liked the fresh colors that Danielle chose!

The second block is where I ran into a little trouble.  I found a little Wonderland in my red scrap bin and used it for the final piecing around the block.

I was reasonably happy with it, when I noticed a spot up in the top right corner.

It looks like it's bleached out ... and there's no way I could send that back to Danielle ... so I added an extra strip down the right side to cover it up ... it was an acceptable solution.

With the final block, I was looking to feature the 'tree' in the center.

I really do enjoy making the blocks for the bee (now I just need to finish them about a week earlier ;-).

Oh ... and the minor explosion ... a Dr. Pepper can in the spare fridge (no one in this house even drinks the stuff).  Glad I got the blocks finished tonight, because I have a whole different project now to work on tomorrow night.

All the best


  1. what a mess...exploded soda!!! i love the blocks, and your solution to cover the spot looks just as great as the first. i really love that last block

  2. Thanks so much Lisa! These are beautiful! And I love your solution for the bleached spot!!

  3. I made a block for someone once and half way through realised I'd dipped a corner of it in my tea - which of course is impossible to remove! Grrrrr


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