Friday, July 30, 2010

My "Handy" Man

It's so nice to be married to a "handy" man ...

We remodeled rebuilt our Seattle home almost 5 years ago.  Taking a "mid-century modern" with challenging foundation issues into an open concept more common in the "new century". 

But there were still a few pesky little things that never quite got fixed.  The concrete wall just outside the family room door for one ...

The wall was cracked, partly covered with green-stuff (this is rainy Seattle) and it had settled unevenly.  We have a walk-out basement, so this wall is under the deck ... not the highest priority, but everytime we sat on the sofa in the family room and looked out the french door ... we had this unsightly wall to look at.

So last week, John surprised me and I came home and found he'd installed verticle firring strips and had started hanging horizontal cedar strips on them to hide the wall ...

Arriving home tonight ... it's finished!!!

Oh ... and did I mention that he cooks most all of our meals too?  I know ... I married a gem ...

We've been taking advantage of theNetflix "Instant Queue" and watching some documentaries ... "King Corn" ... "Food Inc" ... "Super Size It"  ... to name a few.  Certainly provides a different perspective. 

Tonights' dinner was home-made chicken soup with garlic bread.  Our goal was to see if we bought an Organic, Free-Range Chicken if we could squeeze out an extra meal to make it worth the investment in the bird that we know is far more healthy for us ...

Success!!! It was DELICIOUS!!! Just the broth made from and the remaining meat from the chicken carcass, a little celery, and some shredded carrots and herbs from our garden.  And we got three meals, plus a lunch for me at work out of it ... definitely worth the extra investment as the chicken was SO MUCH more tasty.

Well enough swooning over my man ... we're off to catch a ferry & head to the cabin for the weekend.

Hope everyone has a great one!

All the best


  1. Dinner looks fabulous! And I love the wall! That is a very clever idea and it really goes in that spot nicely!

  2. A wonderful improvement over the concrete wall! The soup looks delicious too.

  3. Lisa, we are building a home with a walk out basement thanks for a great idea on the concrete wall finishing.

  4. very nice. it looks like part of the deck.


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