Monday, July 26, 2010

Well clearly quilting is not happening nearly as quickly now that I am employed ... I am, however, spending a little more time planning ... which is great.

As I previously mentioned, when I started this quilt, I had a different vision.  But it morphed as I built it and I'm quite happy with the result.  In fact ... despite what I thought when it was a just a top ... this is quite likely one of my faves ... one of the first ones that I really haven't wanted to give away!

I had plans to go a little wild on the back ... I thought the whole quilt was a bit boring ... but my husband (who normally remains silent on such matters) was insistent that it was "soothing" and that he "really liked the simplicity of the color".  So in a nod to "his" input ... I did a very simple and solid green back.

The binding is "my" nod to spice it up a little bit ...

So while this is definitely a "keeper" ... it will go in the mail to my sister-in-law for her birthday tomorrow.

Pertinent facts -- a variety of fabulous prints (FQs), White Sateen from JoAnns, and my favorite Kona - Sweet Pea for the back.  The quilting is in a small meandering pattern and after a HOT bath and HOT trip through the dryer ... the quilt is now 66" x 52" ... which I believe is perfect for an afternoon nap!

Well ... off for my 3 mile x-training walk ... hope it's a good week!

All the best


Emily said...

I think your husband was right. This is a fantastic quilt!

Jen said...

I love it! It's one of those "mind-tricking" quilts, as I like to call them. You see so many different views and patterns depending on how you look at it. (how the Bento Box quilts are for me)

From afar, the quilt looks one way to me and I don't really notice the envelopes. But then when you look at each individual block, it looks like gorgeous stationary that I'd just love to have my hands on!

Great job!

Nadine said...

Looks great.

Sarah Craig said...

Lisa, that's beautiful! I agree with your husband, it is very soothing - the greens really speak to me. I can see why you would have a hard time sending it off to its new home! Is the pattern published, or is it one you came up with?

Esch House Quilts said...

Lisa, it is a beautiful quilt. The colors are restful, but when I look at the envelope part, it gives me a little feeling of excitement, like when you are opening something that came in the mail and you don't know what is inside. (Not bills!)

Julie Peterson said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Blogs are so fun, I'm hoping you will help me. I am desperate for help with my sewing machine and got here from a comment you left on another blog about the machine we have in common. It was fun to find that you too love to quilt and have a link on your blog to my nieces blog, "cluck cluck sew".I am devastated about my machine as I have a quilt waiting to be finished and projects I am so excited about sewing. My email address is would you please send me an email and I can email you back my question. I hope you don't mind. I know the fix is simple, If I just had the right picture. Thank you! Julie

Lisa said...

Wow ... thanks so much for the thoughtful comments! As I packed it up last night ... I really did wish I could keep it!

Sarah ... not published. I just made it up from turning some half-square triangles until I had a pattern that pleased me and that made the blocks ... then I went back and forth on how to lay them out, ultimately just deciding to alternate every other row.

Hi Julie ... I'll send you an email a little later this evening ...

Thanks again everyone!

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