Tuesday, July 20, 2010

L O N G couple of weeks ...

I'm finding it is longer and longer between blog posts ... not because I'm not well meaning, and not because I don't have a couple of projects in progress ... more because I am struggling to figure out what to share that will add value to folks that likely already have very busy schedules! 

But this one I had to share!!!  I won some fabulous Michael Miller Hedgehog fabric from "pieceful" Stephanie over at Blog Creations.  Stephanie is a talented and quilter/creator who's always got something fun and interesting on the wall and I get inspired each time I wander over to take a gander.  Back in January, I saw one of Stephanie's "Loft Creations No Strings Attached" logos on someones blog and decided to check it out ... I joined in January and set my mind to make a string quilt in February ... then March ... the April ... well ... you get the picture.  I am pleased to report that I did complete one in May, it was for my neice just in time for her high-school graduation present!

So it turns out that Stephanie ... who participates in a large way in the on-line quilting community ... gets us all involved in something that's fun ... posts our pics and projects along the way ... and then after she's done all of that work, she then comes back and rewards us with wonderful fabrics and other great giveaways!  How cool is that ???

So now ... I am the owner of some great new prints and my mind is already wandering on what I can do with them!

Update on the "Me time"

It continues and I'm now running regularly 3-4 times per week with cross-training on the off days.  While I haven't picked up mileage yet, I am definitely picking up speed ... so progress continues. 

I had a rough 2 weeks at work with a major project due this Thursday, my star performer had a bad bicycle accident and has been recovering from shoulder surgery over the last two weeks .... the best news is that she's OK ... the worst part is I saw shades of 60+ hour weeks for a couple of weeks (that's what I did regularly in my last job and caused the hiatus from corporate life for awhile).  I was able to keep up the the running over the last few weeks, but the quilting definitely got short-shrift over the same time period.

Come Friday however ...

Hope you guys are having a great summer out there!

All the best


  1. Keep running - it will help you find balance with your long work weeks! Believe me I know - my hubby is a runner and when he neglects it during busy weeks, he doesn't do as well as when he makes time to run! Sometimes I have to remind him of this....

  2. good for you for taking the "Me-Time" to still run! i want to be a runner someday but kids and life always seem to get in the way of all my intentions, so i never start. SO kudos for sticking with it! Love the new fabric you won. Super fun!

  3. Lisa, I love that fabric! I'm going to have to go check out Stephanie's blog!

    I am glad someone is exercising successfully! Good for you for keeping it up, even when work makes it very challenging.

  4. Congratulations on the running in addition to the crazy work weeks! Hang in there!

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with your new fabric. Best wishes for a slower, happier summer. Thank you also for such kind words.


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