Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Envelope blocks

After a lot of consideration ... I finally settled on a pattern. 

I had seen a fabulous quilt last summer that I fell in love with ... it was the inspiration for this quilt.  So I cut some squares, made some triangles, started doing some arranging ... and found there are a ton of different ways to make blocks with triangles! 

I like this one ... it looks a little bit like a square envelope with the top open. 

The original squares were 4.75", the blocks will be ~8" once completed.  So now I've got to figure out how large I actually want to make the quilt ... 24 blocks complete ... I think the magic number will be 56 blocks.

Me time

As I mentioned last week, I've been taking a little me time.  Well ... it's actually been "training time".  My husband started running about 3 years ago, and he will be running his 3rd half-marathon in Victoria BC in October. I haven't told him yet, but I'm training to run the 8K that will run the same day!

To put this in perspective, when I started running 2 months ago, I couldn't run 1/2 mile without stopping.  This weekend, I completed my first 3 mile run with out stopping!  I'm slow ... but I'm running! 

So the quilting is going a little slower than I had hoped ... after a working all day and running after work ... my feet are a little tired ...

Have a great Independence Day!

All the best


  1. oh wow, this is gorgeous. will have to try that myself. and the choice of fabrics is, as always, exquisite.

  2. Great block! I love the colors you are using too. Good luck with the running - what a great surprise for your husband!

  3. Beautiful blocks! It's going to be a great-looking quilt for sure! And congratulations on reaching the three mile mark! Good work!!

  4. Wow. Great post. I love the blocks and am really impressed that you started running. What an inspiration!

  5. I love this layout of the HST blocks Lisa - you're right - there are so many ways you can go with them. Good for you on your "Me time"! The Victoria run is one I always enjoyed - my hubbie would run the half and I'd do the 8k, back in the days before hip problems. Good luck - you're more than half way there now!

  6. I love the color of this quilt!! Last summer I painted our bedroom "split pea" green and this would look beautiful on my bed...hint, hint :)

  7. Happy Canada Day to my friends up north! Thanks for all the kind comments ... on the quilt and my training efforts!


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