Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Benefit of crummy weather ...

= more quilting time! 

I'm kind of bleh on this one ... whilst I LOVE the fabrics ... when I put them all together with the white ... there's no pizazz ... so I started working on my monster quilt (no photos yet) and it is now the size of a queen size mattress (I call that progress) ... but still a lot of work required to allow for the drop on 2 sides and the bottom.

We spent the long weekend out at the cabin ... a little yard work, a little quilting, a little window cleaning, a little quilting, a little dog walking, a little quilting ... you get the picture ... and relaxing it was!

Happy Tuesday!

All the best


  1. I like it. It's cute little envelopes! I think when you have it all quilted and binded you may like it more. I really LOVE the colors of this one.

  2. I really like this but if you think it needs some punch - take a photo and play with it in the accessories paint programme - draw some quilting stitches in various thread colours to see what pleases (or gives it more punch)- I'm thinking a deep red or purple thread around each envelope and just over an 1/8" in from the 3 main envelope blocks - you know the paper seam line - that could be done on each envelope and maybe even use a different colour on the white envelopes

  3. I like it. I think the uniformity of the colors.. makes it very modern. How about a bright or funky back? Kinda yin/yang action?

  4. I think the white gives the more muted colors some pop. It has a peaceful look too.

    If you want to add some punch what about a contrasting binding - say a medium eggplant or a muted pumpkin (as in pumpkin pie, not pumpkin on the vine) orange.

  5. Sorry for the public comment--I can't find an e-mail to contact you so I wanted you to know you won a prize for the No Strings Attached Challenge. Please check the Parade of Strings post. (loft creations)

  6. It is beautiful, and very peaceful - but what about an occasional applique peaking out of the "open" envelope? Hearts or suns spring to mind - - - Just an idea off the top of my head, might not work, but might give you a springboard to something that will!

  7. you guys are fabulous ... thanks for all the great ideas ... I'm thinking a funky back with the pumpkin (pie ;-) binding could help!

  8. I love this quilt! It's very calm and soothing...kinda "quiet", if you know what I mean. Very pretty.


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