Saturday Musings -- Podcasts while quilting?

Saturday, January 12, 2019

I am not a big fan of silence—maybe it's because I never had kids ;-)—but I need something going on in the background, particularly when I am quilting. 

I have a small TV in my quilting studio that I inherited when my parents downsized a few years back.  But I can't really watch something that takes a lot of paying attention, particularly visually.  So after watching what seemed like every episode, of every season of Blue Bloods and Law & Order SVU, I started on Netflix documentaries.  It was hit or miss, as I never quite knew when I started how much attention it would require.  

Then it struck me ... podcasts.  I have been a podcast listener for years, mostly when I am running, hiking solo, or when we're driving on longer trips.  Why not when I am quilting?

It's awesome!  I bluetooth my iPhone to a small, portable speaker that I had purchased for our T@b Trailer trips, and I am off to the races.  It works perfectly.  I started with the standard podcast app on my iPhone, but was having trouble with it on playback, so I switched to a free, down-loadable app called Overcast, which works great.  

I find that the podcasts keep my mind engaged, but because there is no visual, it doesn't detract from the work that I am doing with the quilt, whether it be piecing, ironing or quilting.  When I am doing the quilting part, I sometimes will wear a pair of noise-cancelling earphones instead of the speaker, as it can get a little noisy.  

What do I listen to?  I'll spare you the political podcasts, as I am sure there are many different preferences on those, but I have found a whole list of other podcasts that I enjoy, including:
  • —How I built this
  • —Freakonomics Radio
  • —The Moth
  • —Code Switch
  • —Planet Money
  • —Side Hustle School
  • —Sword and Scale (recommended by my nieces, it can get a little gruesome)
  • —Wait Wait Don't Tell Me 
I even listened to Dan Carlin's 20-hour Blueprint for Armageddon podcast about WWI before we made our trip to WWI & II battlefields and towns in France in late 2017.  Fascinating stuff.

Again, I have no relationship, financial or otherwise, with Overcast, the Doss Speaker or any of the podcasts that I have listed above. 

What do you watch/listen to when you're quilting?  If you're already a podcast listener, love to hear what you enjoy listening to!

All the best,



    here is my list of favorite podcast .... yes they need to be updated

  2. Try the Myths and Legends podcast. And RadioLab.
    I find that if I try to listen to an Audiobook, or something that requires some attention, my sewing slows WAAaaaayyy down. Oops. I can listen better when I am cutting or pinning.


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