Sunday, January 18, 2015

A thank-you quilt

 I had forgotten that I had made this one!

A friend of mine helped me host a surprise birthday party for John in March 2014.  I had made this quilt to say thank you.  Sadly, it was the quilt I was working on when I had all my stitching challenges with my Juki last year.

So I held on to it all the way up until we went over to see them just before the holidays.  I eventually thought that they would value a quilt that they could use more than one that I held back because I wasn't happy with some stitching.

I'm not going to post many pics, as it is not my favorite quilt of all time.  It was based on this quilt, which I did love, and that I tried to replicate here.

But since all quilts are not perfect quilts … I decided to go ahead an post this one here … it is part of the growth experience yes?

Now … how about them Seahawks!!!

All the best


  1. Looks like a warm inviting quilt to nap on the sofa with. What big blocks, wonder how it would look with blues & greens. I have a stack sitting over there on the floor.

  2. Hi - I wanted to let you know that I pinned your "offset diamond" baby quilt about a year ago (A Baby Girl's Quilt 4-26-2012) and it was discovered recently - it is up to 1500 re-pins! Thought you'd want to know, I made my own version of it as a charity quilt and it was lovely. Thanks for the post.


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