Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The undesirable club quilt ...

John is off to England next week … he's heading over early to acclimate to the time change prior to his Marathon in Paris

He's going to visit his cousin "M" … this is for her …

"M" was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall … chemo is behind her … surgery and radiation remain.  This is somewhere that both John and I have experience … the "undesirable club" … the cancer club …

I wanted to make something bright to tell her we care, we understand, and we love her.

I used some of the new Lotta Jansdotter fabrics with some solids I had in the cupboard and lots and lots of Kona Sateen White.

Madigan … had to have her chance to approve the quilt …

You can see I have trained her well … "No" simply isn't in her vocabulary … not to worry … it went into the wash after the photo op.

The pieced back -- here I used some of the prints, along with a sea of Kona Ash.

The message.

It's ready for John to tuck into his suitcase next week.

Hope you had a good week!

All the best


  1. I love it! Nothing says "I care for you" more than a warm, cozy quilt.

  2. That's beautiful, Lisa - and I love the label!!

  3. Great quilt and I love the backing! Best of all is the label.

  4. Wonderful quilt....what a great gift.


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