Monday, May 30, 2011

A real doll quilt ...

Lily's doll quilt
Last week I shared a quilt that I made for my friend Julie who had a little boy on the way.  He arrived safe and sound in the wee hours Saturday morning.  This is for his big sis Lily ... for her dolls.

Test quilt
It is also a 'test quilt' for me.  I created a simple pattern to use up some of my solid scraps.  I might be a bit ambitious, as I intend to make a queen size quilt out of them for the cabin.  Which means I will need to cut about 1,380 pieces.
360 down ... only 1,020 to go ;-)
I also tried some straight-line quilting without any guides.
Back with alternating width between quilting lines
I like them on the doll quilt, but would likely struggle on my little machine to carry this off on a large quilt, let alone a queen size one ... so will have to figure out the quilting at a later point.

Quite happy with the effect with the 3-piece blocks and looking forward to some additional scrap cutting so I can get started on the bigger version.  A couple of learnings ... including to pay attention to my patterns, as I ended up with two of the same pieces side by side ... but figure Lily won't notice ;-).

Will get this packaged up and over to them sometime next week.

Great weekend here in the Pacific Northwest ... hope it was also a happy one for all you.  On this Memorial Day in the US, remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have our freedom.  

All the best


  1. Lisa, I love this! I really like the straight line quilting! I love how it's not all uniform and straight and the lines are differently spaced! It looks really really good!

  2. What a versatile block! I try not to worry too much if, in a scrappy quilt like this, I get two of the same fabrics next to each other. I think it kind of shakes up the pattern a little - which I usually think is a good thing :)


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