Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Question for my knitting friends

Thanks everyone!  I have forwarded your thoughts on and I know that she is very appreciative!

Trying to help out a friend ... she's going through chemotherapy right now ... stuck at home, bored and feeling a general lack of accomplishment.  She wants to return to knitting, something that she has enjoyed doing in the past.  She can't go into stores (concerns about picking up germs from others), so I am looking for some on-line resources that she can use for yarn and needles.

Can anyone recommend some online resources that I can share with her?



  1. Hi Lisa, is a great source. I've used them in the past.
    I hope she's feeling better soon!

  2. Ahh. I was also about to recommend - great prices, good variety of yarn and color and good needles too. Another on-line knitting store I frequent is WEBS at They have a "store brand" yarn called Valley Yarns that's pretty great (variety of weights, mixes of fiber) as well as good prices on many other brands of yarn. They also sell several brands of needles. KnitPicks is all their own brand of yarn, needles, etc., but it's terrific too.

    May I also suggest that if your friend has internet access, she check out - it's an on-line community of knitters with many, many pattern ideas and a huge array of forums for asking questions or finding like-minded knitters, possibly even other knitters going through chemotherapy, I don't know specifically, but there's a group for everything I've thought of, so it's worth a try.

  3. I used to receive emails from a company that had the most beautiful knitting things; I believe this is it Things are not cheap here, but they are lovely, and sometimes lovely is important during a difficult time. :)

    You can shop online and their blog is fun. Free patterns for every skill level.Please pass along my very best thoughts and wishes to your friend.


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