Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday banner for a 2-year-old

IMG_8735 by Shiners view
Birthday banner
My friend saw this birthday banner that I made to celebrate my husband's birthday back in March and commissioned me to make one for her two-year-old's birthday.

Since I had used this tutorial that someone else had put together, I didn't feel right selling it, so it was MY present to little "D". I also had some of the great hedge hog material that I had won in a drawing from Stephanie over at Loft Creations last year -- but don't have kids to use it on -- so it helped me clean out my stash a little bit too!

We were out of town and didn't get to attend the big event, but the banner was a hit and now she says ...

... she has 3 more commissions if I am interested ;-).

All the best

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  1. Very cute banner. Perfect for children and adults!


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