Sunday, December 19, 2010

One for me!

It didn't start out as mine ... but I am so happy it ended up as mine! 

After I made this one, I decided to go to the LQS and pick up some fun holiday prints and make a Christmas quilt for my mom.  I designed and made a few of the blocks during the week, with the plan of finishing it up at the cabin over the weekend.  My folks are off to spend Christmas with my sister-in-law and her daughter while my brother spends the holiday in Iraq, so we had planned to stop by their house on Sunday night and exchange gifts on our way back to town from the cabin. 

Well ... the best of intentions.  On Saturday, in the midst of a "Pineapply Express" (think a storm front with a lot of high temperatures and 6" of rain), we lost power at the cabin.  After waiting an hour, I knew I had to head back to Seattle to finish it.  John decided to stay at the cabin ... fine with me ... totally uninterupted quilting time!

A 2 hour drive took 3 hours ... but even with uninterupted quilting time, it became apparent I couldn't get the quilt completed in time to drive back out to the cabin, pick up John and then still arrive at my parents house at a reasonable time for the gift exchange.  So I wrapped up the Christmas quilt I made several weeks ago for mom and headed back out to the cabin to pick up John.

That was a trip ... hitting two parts of the road along Hood Canal where there were landslides over the road.  I actually got to use the 4-wheel drive on our FJ Cruiser ... John was so jealous ;-).

Back to the quilt!  Completed and washed, it measures 56" square.  Each block is comprised of a 7.5" block surrounded by 3.5" blocks with sashing.  I used Moda Fruitcake, Alexander Henry Sew Christmas and a little Twelve Days of Christmas by Sharyn Sowell sashed with a teal solid I picked up from JoAnns.  I bound it in Alexander Henry's Sew Christmas Buttons.  The back is pieced with some Kona solid and the collection of fabrics from the front.

My mom is thrilled with the cross quilt that I gave her and I am delighted that I ended up with this one.  The colors are really rich and I love the idea of having it to pull out each year!

Hope your holiday projects are all close to getting completed!

All the best


  1. Isn't it nice when we're surprised by one we get to keep? It's a beautiful quilt, very unusual combination of colors with the teal!!

  2. LISA!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! I'm demanding a tutorial for this block! (is that rude of me or what!?) Pretty please can you do a tutorial for the block? I know you kinda mentioned it above, but I need more details on the construction of the block. I want to make one for my KING SIZE bed with some new fabric I just got. Anyway, I really love how this turned out. Everything is perfect..the binding, the back, the sashing...all of it! I think this may be my favorite of yours, but don't ask me to pick because really, I love all your quilts! ;)

  3. I'm so glad it all worked out for you! It is hard enough to get all our Christmas projects finished without power outages and storms!

    The colors in this quilt are wonderful as usual - the solids on the back look so rich and beautiful!

  4. I love the quilt design and the colour of the sashing and the way it frames the blocks. Gorgeous!


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