Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My corner and stash

It has been so much fun to see other quilter's studios and their stash cabinets ... in fact, I often show photos to my husband to show him how 'easy' he really has it ...

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing where and what I sew from.

When in Seattle, I sew in this little corner of the family room ... wedged in between the piano (my staging area) and the built in desk that comprises the 'home office'.  We purchased this sewing table on Craigs list last summer (it has a Singer base, though I am not sure that the top is original).  There is a pull out shelf under the sewing machine ... I'm thinking that it was added on at some point for a keypad to make this a computer table, as I couldn't imagine putting a sewing machine on it.  I use my piano bench as my seat. 

My fabric stash is even more pathetic ... here it is ... all 2.5 shelves of it.
Yep ... that's it.  The basked on the bottom is scraps of solids, the bottom shelf are my remnants that are 1/4 yard or less, the next shelf up has my solid stash on the right and my print stash on the left.  The top shelf has my whites and a couple of pillow forms.  That's it ... you would think that after 18 months of quilting and 50+ quilts later I would have a little more to show for it in terms of a stash ... but i still continue to quilt pretty much hand-to-mouth when it comes to material ;-)

What does your 'studio and stash' look like?

All the best


  1. My studio looks a lot like a dining room. Actually my "studio" is our dining room! I decided last year that since we only use the table Easter, Thanksgiving and the month of December I'm wasting valuable sewing real estate. My stash isn't that organized and one of my goals for 2011 is to use up everything in stock. Hmmmm.... wonder how that will go? Hope you and your family has a wonderful holiday!

  2. You show remarkable restrain when it comes to fabric buying....I could use some of your good influence. My studio is starting to take over the house....at times the sacred pool table even gets overtaken. Your husband really does have it easy.

  3. My space? Don't. Even. Ask. It is a mess!

  4. right now mine is all packed away....usually i sew in my dining room but it is very taken over with baby things and the christmas tree.

  5. I'm impressed that you have managed to keep your stash that small. I don't do a lot of stash buying, but buy for quilts I'm working on and then change my mind and buy some more!

    I'm lucky enough to have our spare bedroom as my sewing room, but I think I'd have to clean for three days straight before I could get a picture that I wasn't embarrassed to show!

  6. My studio and stash is in horrible shape right now, because I've neglected it terribly while doing my Christmas sewing! I have all the fabrics that have been donated to our church's quilt ministry in my stash, so there's lots and a really wide variety to shop from when we get ready to make a quilt. I'm hoping to get it all straightened up this week before Christmas so that I can start next year's sewing in a clean studio!


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