Saturday, December 4, 2010

101 is a good place

This is my one-hundred and first post!  I started this blog in mid-January 2010 ... which by the way, feels a lot further away than it really is ;-).

I got my first Christmas package off in the mail today ... December 4th is the date for sending packages to our troops over in the Middle East, so my brothers little Christmas tree hit the mail today, with a few extra goodies packaged in there for him to enjoy.  Our next deadline is for those Canadian packages late next week.

This quilt is made entirely of scraps from the Christmas pillows I am making for Christmas presents this year (that post will hopefully be next week when they are all finished and I can get a group shot).

I found some great inspirations here and here and decided that I too was ready to create this pattern.  I particularly like how the strong solids stand out. 

The back is a cute print I found at 50% off at JoAnns this morning, by Debi Mumm and I'm quite smitten with it.

And the binding was something that I had bought eariler in the year and didn't quite like in large scale ... but it's perfect for a binding. 

The squares were cut 3.75" and the quilt is 15 squares by 19 squares.  I quilted with a red thread about 1/4" on either side of the seams.

I liked it so much ... I actually went to my LQS this morning to buy Christmas fabric to make one for me!  Stay tuned.

I am off to Chicago on business for a few days next week ... but then it's right back to Christmas sewing!

All the best


  1. Love this quilt and I adore the binding! It's PERFECT for this quilt!

  2. Is this made up of all squares or squares and rectangles?

  3. You know, I NEVER even thought of using rectangles ... Gosh, I have SO much to learn!


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