Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lesson's learned ...

Last month ... I saw a few posts from other quilters (here and here) that made me VERY aware of the dangers of my rotary cutter ... fortunately, it sounds like both ladies fingers are healing nicely. 

I thought I would share a few of my learnings from today ... that while they are in no way dangerous ... they are definitely annoying! 

Lesson #1:  Don't iron on your cutting mat ...

Lesson #2:  Don't have more than one white out at a time, or you run the risk of cutting into the wrong white ... (the off-white on the right is the correct color)...

Hopefully, this will help someone else from making the same mistakes ...

And here's a quick peek at the growing 9-patch ...


  1. Good lessons! I am in constant fear of rotary cutter accidents. But so far, so good! Love the nine-patch - it's going to be spectacular! In fact it already is! Are the prints from a particular line? And which white are you using?
    Danielle (mespetitselefants) x

  2. I learned not to try and iron a quilt top on your dining room table unless you want the wood underneath to be white and foggy. A thick towel underneath it does not cut it in the protection department :( Live and learn! This nine patch looks awesome. The colors with the white look just beautiful.

  3. Also, don't leave your cutting mat in front of a window where the summer sun can do much the same thing as an iron! The corner of my cutting mat looks the same as yours!

  4. Akk! I've done both (and sliced myself on the rotary cutter, too) -- also learned not to leave the mat in the car in the summer. I had one so warped and curved I had throw it out replace it after an afternoon of sun (somehow they never ever go back to flat).

  5. Sorry to see I'm not the only one ;-). Danielle, the white is Kona PFD by Robert Kaufman -- bleached white. There are a couple of other kona solids and a lot of different lines mixed in for the prints ... I'll have to see if I have any selvages left when I get back to Seattle to let you know ...

  6. So funny - my mat looks just like that, and for the exact same reason! And my fingers are a living object lesson to the ladies I teach quilting to - each scar is a "how-not-to-use-a-rotary-cutter" lesson!! The best two lessons, though - never cut towards your body and always concentrate!!


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