Sunday, September 26, 2010

9-Patch x 2

Yes ... there are 2 ...  I've been wanting to make nine-patch ever since I saw this quilt on Flickr -- it was lovingly made by a grandmother for her grandchild out of dresses her daughter wore as a child  ... that's the type of quilt-history I love to hear!

The quilt top on the left is made from my stash with fabrics left from this quilt.  It is for my Aunt ... a fabulous woman who will turn 78 in November.  She's been a special person to me and this is "just because" ...   
The second quilt top is for my friend Matt and his new bride Astrid.  They were married on the beach in Hawaii back in May (yes, I am extremely tardy) and  I tried to bring the colors of the outdoors into the pallette, offset by the off white that I think really lightens it all up.

I laid it over the end of my bed (also known as my 'design wall') and decided that this is a "have-to-have" quilt for the cabin.  Looks like I now have a winter project ;-)

I hope they both see much use for many years to come ...

All the best


  1. they are both beautiful. i loved to hear about what inspired you

  2. Love both of these! This quilt is one I want to make very soon. I'm curious what size squares you used because these are just perfect.

  3. These are lovely. For the first time I have seen diamonds created by chains of squares rather than just seen a nine patch alternating with a big square, very pretty. Thank you for sharing


  4. wow Lisa! These are absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I love them with the white blocks. It does really add something. This are going to be gorgeous all quilted up! I see one of these in my future someday! I think these are one of my favs by you. (although, I have many favs that you've done!) great work!

  5. These are great! I too like the white sections of the quilts

  6. I just love the lattice effect of 9 patches set this way. Lovely quilts!

  7. Thanks everyone! The small squares are 2.5" cut (2.0" finished). The large off-set white squares are 6.5" cut (6.0" square). The quilt top is 9 x 11 squares (or 54" x 66").


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