Sunday, March 13, 2016

Placemats v2

The placemats were such a big hit ... I went ahead and made a 2nd set for a birthday present for another friend.   

Again, using the tutorial from CoopCrafts, I made a second set.  A couple of modifications this time:

  • I left the rectangular instead of creating them in oval ... certainly a bit easier to bind this way.
  • Instead of using a neutral (read gray) binding to tie them all together ... I used an Anna Maria Horner print, Crescent Bloom in Tangerine.  
  • I opted for a single print for the backs, instead of having a coordinated back for each color palette.  

The theory on the matched backs is that they could be a reversible set ... great in theory, but not sure that this was the print that would be able to carry it off ... oh well, another lesson learned.

I also got practice at machine mitering my corners ... getting better ...

Again ... going to be delivered to another friend who truly appreciates hand crafted and never sees the flaws (don't you just love those types of friends)?  

And while I got creative in the studio ... my better half tested out his new cord to connect the Mac to the TV to watch his beloved Six Nations Rugby match (England v Wales) via live streaming.  You can take the boy out of England ... but he WILL find away to watch his rugby. 

Hope all is well with you and yours!

All the best


  1. hello there! I gearing up to make a baby quilt for a friend and she found your HST quilt and sent me a link to your blog post (2011). So I figured I would "check you out" ha! and I'm loving what I'm seeing! Looking forward to "following" you :-)

  2. Oh, I was wrong, it was 2012 "A Baby Girl's quilt". I see it's one of your popular posts, and I can see why! thanks for the stats. helps my brain to not explode with the math (which give me shivers)


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