Sunday, May 4, 2014

Crafty Day ...

No quilting here this weekend … but a few other things got taken care of ;-).

Thread holder
Now that I have a quilting studio … I wanted to get the thread up on display where I could actually see it.


I started on eBay where I searched for wooden spice racks.  Found one for $12 and ordered it (note:  for those of you not familiar with shopping on eBay, keep in mind the shipping costs, as some folks price low and make up for it on the shipping costs -- this seller did not do that, but I want you to be forewarned).

Waited a few days and the rack arrived in them mail … sadly … broken into pieces.

After moving it around the kitchen counter for a few weeks, my husband surprised me one day, by pulling it back together and gluing it.  Since it's only going to be holding thread, it doesn't have to be super sturdy.

Yesterday, I stopped at Lowe's and picked up a can of spray paint (astonishing the selection of spray paints available these days ;-).

And I now have a thread holder -- which has definitely pointed out to me what a limited color palate I have in my threads compared to my fabrics!  White, beige and off white ;-).  My husband has committed to get hung on the wall today for me!

Project materials:
  • wooden spice rack from eBay -- $15.00 (including shipping)
  • can of spray paint from Lowes -- $4.99
  • Total Project cost $19.99

Hope you had a productive weekend!

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