Monday, May 26, 2014

A new kind of quilt ...

Since my Juki is still traveling across the country for repairs … I haven't been as active quilting as I have wanted to be … but I have been playing around with fabric a little …

At the same time, I've been trying to figure out "my style".  Of all the quilts I've made, the ones that I get most excited about are the ones with lots of white space, or made primarily from solids.  I am still trying to figure out specifically what it is … but I think it's the simplicity of design, the pure play of colors and the contrast with the white.

This thought process becomes particularly important as I actually start to list my very first quilts for sale.

When I started quilting in 2009, I opened an Etsy shop and sold one quilt.  I never closed the shop, but I never tried to sell anything again either.  It seemed like the joy came out of it as I tried for perfection in order to sell something.  I, quite simply, didn't enjoy making quilts for people I didn't know.

Since then, I've made a few commission quilts or bags for friends who wanted special gifts for loved ones, but that was the extent of my "selling".  Until now …

As my readers know … my husband John is now a 1-year cancer survivor who ran the Paris Marathon to celebrate his 70th birthday.  Having qualified to run the London marathon, he is now looking to run it in April 2015.  What you may not know is that London is John's hometown, and he's not only looking to run his 2nd marathon there, he wants to do it and raise 2,000 pound sterling in funds for the UK Prostate Cancer Research charity.

He won't know until October if he get's a slot to run … but I have decided to take my first step into selling in support of this effort (  While he's not guaranteed an entry … as an Ovarian Cancer survivor, I know the importance of supporting something that matters to you … so all sales proceeds I make, at least until October, will go 100% to the Prostate Cancer charity.

Now my ask of you … to those of you who sell online … do you have any suggestions or thoughts to share with someone who is new to selling online (Etsy)?  Right now, I have a very lonely quilt all by itself (but do have a couple of tops waiting to be quilted as soon as the Juki returns from it's travels).

I want to stick with the style of quilts that I enjoy most, geometric, solids with lots of white space … hopefully there is a market out there for them as I know I can't sew quilts for people I don't know in a style that I am not excited about ;-).

But short of staying true to my style, any other tips?  Listings, promotions, things to avoid, return policies, shipping challenges … best and worst part of selling online?

ANY and ALL input is certainly welcome!



  1. I don't have any tips for you - unfortunately, I've not had much success selling quilts on Etsy - but I did go and "pin" your quilt to my Pinterest board, so hopefully you'll see some traffic as a result! I have heard that some have a lot of success selling on Instagram - you might look into that as an alternative or addition to Etsy.

  2. Great news! I enjoy my little shop, it doesn't sell a lot but ticks gently over :) I recommend having a look at the teams on Etsy, Quiltsy is a lovely friendly team to join that helps to promote each others quilts. Also don't forget how much it costs to wrap up and package a quilt even before it gets to the post office - it makes a huge difference to your shipping costs! (lesson learnt the hard way here!) I hope it goes brilliantly for you :D


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