Sunday, January 20, 2013

Need a little advice

Well ... I've made a little progress ... this represents the final design I landed on.

I've sewn the hexagons into rows and started to connect the rows.
My challenge is what to do on the right and left on the top.

I am pretty sure that I don't just want to keep making white hexagons for the rest of the quilt ... there has to be a way to integrate the hexagons into larger pieces of white on either side ... but for the life of me, can't figure it out ...

Anyone have some thoughts or somewhere they can point me to sort this through ... hate it when I run up against something I am sure must be simple, but I just can't figure out ...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

All the best


  1. I'm clueless when it comes to maths so would just keep making the hexagons. Plus, when it comes time to quilting it, you could outline the white hexagons so you are still giving a hint of the hexagon shape without there actually being any coloured ones there.

  2. You could cut a odd shape: one end that matched the half hexagon that is missing and the other end would be rectangular. Make sense? That assumes you want the final piece to be a rectangle.

  3. I would make hexagons then cut them in half to "fill in" the gaps which would give you straight edges to work with then you cold use stripes of white to add the width...I think lol however you do it I love your colour choices, this is going to look lovely once your done!

  4. If you hadn't already added so many white hexagons, I'd say you could just applique it to the background - I've seen that done before.

    But I think half hexie pieces is the way to go now. If you add them to what you have you can get a straight line and add more background to that to get to the size you want. HTH!

    This is looking wonderful! Can't wait to see the whole thing :)

  5. I love what you've done. Would it work to appliqué the existing piece onto a large piece of solid white?

  6. No clue...looks great though! I'd probably go with the above commenters and make more hexes and then cut them in half. BUT...I think you need to sew them on the quilt first then square it up, right? If you cut them in half first then you may screw up the seam allowances, right? or am I just thinking of when you set a quilt on point? oh, I don't know...I'm not good at the math part of quilting! ;) But what they mention above sounds like that would be the best bet.

  7. I'm thinking if you filled in with
    white full and half hexies only to line up
    with the third row from the top on the right.
    (By the picture 3 full hexies and 2 half. Then you would have
    a straight edge to add a border or continue
    with the white. (Did that make sense??!! ...
    not to me Going to be a great quilt!
    Dusty911 - Daria

  8. I'm no help, but I really like what's going on!

  9. Perhaps the post of Elizabeth helps you (klick). She keeps adding wonky background pieces until she has straight lines. You could fill the "holes" with half pieces of hexagons until you have a straight line and then add big pieces of white.
    I've never done so before but maybe for you as an experienced quilter it makes sense. The design looks wonderful anyway.

  10. I would cut a row of hexi's in half connect the angled lines and the other half gives a straight edge to be pieced from there

    1. so you basically make a rectangle with your white ones


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