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Monday, January 28, 2013

I was nervous, but excited when a dear friend asked me if I would be willing to make two baby quilts for some new babies that their friends have welcomed into their lives.

Nervous, because I have never done a commission quilt ... also because these are good friends ... I didn't want to 'screw it up' ;-).

This is quilt #1.  My instructions were "Chevron stripes (whatever that means) in grays and white with some coral and teal".  I ran across Salt Water by Tula Pink on Pink Chalks Fabric where Kathy has matched the prints with matching solids ... makes life SO easy when you order on line!

While the colors are a little difficult to diagnose on this quilt ... the darkest strips are Kona Coal and the lighter strips are light gray prints or off white.

I bound it using Rachel's zig-zag quilt binding tutorial ... have no idea why I would try it any other way going forward ... SUPER easy and overall looks great!.  The binding is mostly Metro Living Circle, but I did put in a strip of Kona Coal as seen in this image.

The back is Kona Ash with a little stripping of the colors left over from the front.

My very first label ... I looked at a number of different tutorials for labels before deciding on this solution.  It's a Super Fine Sharpie on a piece of cotton that is  put in place with some Heat N Bond and then ironed into place.

I will be delivering it to my clients on Wednesday evening ... along with Quilt #2 which is currently in the dryer -- it will make it's debut later in the week.

Hope you guys are having a happy week!

All the best


  1. Lovely quilt for the little one. Your client and new family will love it.

  2. I love that photo of it on the marvelous railing!!!!

  3. It's absolutely beautiful, Lisa! I'm sure they will love it!!

  4. Looks fabulous! What was your finished size? Just curious b/c I always make baby quilts and wondering what sizes other people make.

  5. Great quilt. And, awesome space! Well done!


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