Sunday, November 20, 2011

Need a little advice ...

Update:  Thanks everyone ... initials it is!

I am blessed with 4 lovely nieces!  For Christmas this year, I splurged a little at Pink Chalk Fabrics on some 1/2 yard cuts from the new Lotta Jansdotter line ... along with a little Metro Living to make them some pillows for their rooms.

So here's where I need help.  My original plan, before I picked out the material, was to make them each a pillow with their names on them.  They are aged 13, 16, almost 17 and almost 20.

I was thinking of personalizing them along the lines of these pillows I made this summer.
But then I bought the fabric ... and I'm wondering if that would really fit with this material?  Or should I go ahead and make the pillows without their names?  I'm torn and would value some thoughts (particularly from anyone who has insight into teenage girls ;-).

All the best


  1. I would actually say go for it but either without the names or with 'funky lettering' so says my 12 year old daughter!

  2. I agree they look fab so go for it, having a thought though you could embroider the older ones name on if you're thinking being older she might like something a little different - just a thought :D

  3. Ooh, I love that Metro Living with the Echo - great choice! What about just using their initial - a simpler look that sort of goes with the fabric.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure the pillows will be wonderful and your nieces will love them.

  4. I would try to incorporate the names. Maybe even a date. I have a few things that are dated from friends. I love to associate the date with the event of when I received the gift. I know they're young but in the future it could be cool.

  5. I had the thought of just an initial, too - it could look really cool!

  6. I think they look fab but would suggest something different, maybe just an initial?


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