Sunday, November 27, 2011

Call to action ...

Denyse Schmidt's Blanket Statement
I tried to make the "Blanket Statement" from Denyse Schmidt's book "Quilts" several months ago.

The premise is that you take an old wool blanket and update it by sewing on strips of colored/patterned fabric.  I thought it would be perfect for the cabin.   I am not sure I would recommend the project.

I started with a $4.99 blanket, cut it in half to make it a lap quilt and applied the material.  The challenge is that the blanket stretches and you can imagine how that turns out ...

I had applied the fabric back in early summer, didn't like how it ended up and decided not to invest anymore time.

Then I read an article this week.  There are an estimated 600 people living in cars in Seattle.  It was a number that stunned me.  Their stories stunned me.  It was a sharp contrast to the weekend we've just had here in the U.S. -- one that starts with counting our reasons to be thankful ... and one that seems to end with a bit too much conspicuous consumption over the Black Friday weekend.  

A local organization, "Heroes for the Homeless" is holding a drive for coats, sweaters, mittens, sleeping bags, blankets, etc.   If you're living in your car ... a wool blanket is a lot more important than a pretty blanket.  So I bound it and finished it up yesterday.

It's that time of year ... and I encourage everyone to take a look through their closets (linen, front hall and clothing) and find those warm items that just aren't getting used and can be better utilized by someone in need.  I would also recommend that you look one step beyond Goodwill right now.  While I love their business model and think it works well, today, in this economy, there is a real need out there for some basic items for free.  Some of these folks are making decisions to stay warm or to eat.  Decisions that no one should have to make.

Thanks for taking a peek and remembering those that are struggling right now ...

All the best


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I know we have a few coats buried in a closet somewhere that haven't been worn in a while.

  2. I like the embellishments you added. And good for you for helping out!

  3. Well said! I shall be digging through my cupboards today!

  4. Hello...I am working on the same project and having no is quite relaxing and fun, even my husband took a second look and said he thought it was a great way to do something different with a wool blanket.


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