Friday, October 7, 2011

Birds of a feather ...

Star and improv block quilts
I purchased the teal and yellow prints earlier this year and spent the better part of the summer making star and improv blocks.

I finished the Casual Star quilt last week.  And this week, I finished the improv block version.

Back of quilt -- hard to get a photo around here without a dog in it ...

I used REALLY tight meandering quilting on this one ... over 20 bobbins worth!  I really love the effect that the tight quilting gives.

Once again, the back ended up too short (a habitual problem around here) ... hence the additional of the yellow strip.  The quilt by the numbers:
  • Blocks are 12.5" each
  • Sashing is 2.5" strips
  • 24 blocks -- 18 prints and 6 solids
  • Gray solid on front is Kona Ash
  • Back is Kona Ash and Kona Coal with some of the solid piecing.
  • Finished quilt is 53" x 78"
  • Meandering quilting with light gray thread
This one is for my sister-in-law who will be graduating from college this fall ... hats off to this amazing woman who's done a fabulous job raising her 13-year-old daughter (for the first 8 years virtually on her own) and who took advantage of the opportunity to go back and get her degree over the past 2 years while her husband was off fighting a war ... Congrats D ...

A little bit of disappointing news on my end this week.  We're off to Victoria, BC for my husband to run the 1/2 marathon.  I was supposed to run an 8K in prep for my first 1/2 marathon coming in November.  But it now looks like I am nursing a stress fracture (maybe 2) and won't be running again anytime soon ... oh well ... maybe more time for sewing ;-)

All the best and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!

All the best


  1. Sorry to hear about your stress fractures - hope you are back running again soon. I have to say, I fell in love with your star quilt. I can't stop thinking about making my own - but I really have to finish off a few of my other projects first. Now I love your improv quilt. Love the blank spaces around some of the blocks - it is a fabulous quilt.

  2. Yikes 20 bobbins worth of quilting! Lovely quilt and use the stress fracture down time to make more lovely quilts!

  3. Your quilts look fabulous! That is some serious quilting! Sorry to hear about your stress fractures. I hope they soon heal x

  4. Another wonderful quilt! 20 bobbins - yikes! I never count mine so I guess I'd never know if I used that many, but I don't think I ever have :)

    So sorry to hear about the stress fracture. I hope it heals quickly.

  5. Gorgeous Lisa! That quilting is amazing! Must have taken you a while doing that! This is very nice! Hope you heal fast and are able to get back to running. That really stinks! I'm trying to start running myself. I'm doing about 2.5 miles everyday and wouldn't you know after a good 4 days in a row I get a cold and have to stop. Now I'm trying to get motivated to get back into it. My measly 2.5 is nothing compared to the mileage you do! But someday, I hope to get there!

  6. Beautiful, thats a lot of thread! Hope your stress fracture gets better soon

  7. The quilts look fabulous. Have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you'll be able to run again soon.

  8. Such a beautiful quilt, Lisa! FYI I got lots of comments and requests for pattern info on the quilt on my blog Friday done by Jenna's tutorial! Sent them to your blog and told them to check out all the other great tutes you have, too!!

  9. Love this quilt! You did such a great job.

  10. We did that race about 5 years ago- I did the 8 km and my husband did the 1/2 marathon. Sorry you had to miss it- it is a nice course. Beautiful quilt- love the colours!


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