Thursday, October 27, 2011

50 years of marriage !!!

I turned 50 years old this year ... and really enjoyed the fact that I hung around long enough to enjoy the day with great friends and family ... and John did a great job making sure I had a surprise party befitting the occasion ... But I'm thinking 50 years of age is NOTHING compared to 50 years of marriage ...

This weekend, we are heading off to Harrison Hot Springs in BC, Canada, to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of John's cousin, Anne, and her husband, Don.

Anne's sister has come over from England for the celebration and their son and daughter-in-law have recently moved to Seattle.  We were fortunate to have them stay with us for several days earlier this month and I was blessed to be the fly on the wall to listen to the stories from their youth.   The sorrow of John losing his older brother when he was nine, to the laughter at work they all did to keep Granny happy.  It was an amazing weekend filled with love and stories.
But 50 years of marriage ... wow.  50 years of marriage takes work.  John is the love of my life ... but marriage takes work.  In a day when it is so easy to say I don't instead of I will continue to try ... hats off to Anne and Don ... I know that some of those years were fabulous, but I am equally confident that some of them were tough.

Congrats Anne and Don and I look forward to celebrating with you and your family this weekend ... thanks for letting us join in your fabulous day.

All the best

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  1. It sounds like you have the right perspective to make it to 50 years too.

    Enjoy the weekend!


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