Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thank you ...

Balloons for the team for tomorrow's walk
Tomorrow I walk ... for those who can't.  I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to have friends and family that would support me in raising $4,870  over the past 3 weeks for a cause that matters so much to me.

You guys have heard the story ... here and here ... while I've shared the symptoms and statistics of the disease ... what I haven't shared is how important friends and family are to getting through something like this ...

They have never ceased to amaze me.  From the invisible neighbor who mowed our lawn several times during my 6 months of treatment (we still don't know who that angel was), to my parents' (who lived 3,000 miles away) next door neighbor who sent me a 'dancing skunk', to my hair stylist who cut and styled my wig for free, to my employees who subscribed to People Magazine for me so I would have something totally frivolous to read during my weekly chemo treatments, to every friend who said how can I help ... and then did  ... humans have an amazing ability to turn on the good and help their fellow human beings.

I know in a world where political infighting, celebrity bad behavior and seemingly senseless acts of violence rule the news ... I want to take a minute to salute you, my blog readers.

Not for what you did for me ... that was 10 years ago and I didn't know any of you ;-) ... but for what I know you have done for others who have needed a lift, a hand or a smile.  You gave it unconditionally, just as strangers and friends did for me ... so THANK YOU ...

All the best


  1. All we can do is pay it forward - and you're doing a great thing today doing just that! Walk strong, girl!!! {{HUGS}}


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