Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quilt backs

It's interesting how much time we can spend working on the back of a quilt.  I mean, it's the back right?  It should be a lot more simple than I seem to be making it.  You know, find a coordinating print or solid and get on with it ...

Yet ... for some reason, I am drawn to add a bit of interest, or complexity, to what could be a very simple element on the quilt.
I have seen the quilt backs from most of you out there ... so I know that there are definitely more like me than less ...

I am curious, however, why do you end up spending, easily, an extra 1/2 day on adding incremental piecing to the backs of your quilts?

Oh, and I got a bit of the front of a quilt worked on too!

All the best


  1. I know, we make 2 quilts in one! Love the scrappy solid quilt.

  2. I grumble the whole time I make the back because it seems like more work than the front. I'm wrangling long, unwieldy pieces of fabric and sewing giant seams and I have no plan. I like to use up all my left overs and not buy more fabric at that point so I try to figure out a way to fit the back fabric together the coolest way possible. I always enjoy them when I'm done though and yours is very striking. Love it!

  3. Well they're looking rather fabulous front and back!

  4. I think it's where we put our own personal "signature" on a quilt - you may use someone else's design on the front, but the back is distinctly and uniquely "you". Your creativity can shine!! I love piecing backs when I have the time!!

  5. I've seen my little one playing with the quilt so you see the back there sometimes. And when she covers her feet she doesn't know whether it's the front or the back. So I thought that I spend quite a lot of time on the front of the quilt and the fabrics are not cheap. So I can turn the whole thing into something wonderful and do something nice on the back, too.


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