Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Piecing batting

I think I have finally used up the bulk of the excess batting lying around the house ... I make mostly lap quilts, but buy bags of batting that are meant for either twin or full size quilts.  Leaving me with quite a bit of reasonable size excess batting pieces.

It's actually quite simple to piece.  All you really need is for each piece to have a cleanly cut edge ... I usually fold it up and cut a clean edge with my rotary cutter.  Butt the two edges of the pieces together that you want to sew ... position them under the presser foot on your machie and set the zig zag stich for a large, and broad, stitch (I set my Pfaff on 7 and take it to the largest zig zag).  Allow the materials to move through as they flow, being careful on to stretch the batting, or you'll get a seam that won't lay flat.

Three separate pieces of batting sewn together
One thing that has suprised me is the variability of the thickness of the batting.  As I only buy one brand, I had expected that there would have been more uniformity from bag to bag of product.

I also got the envelope quilt basted tonight ... this is for a local hospice ... I like the top ... I LOVE the back! (pics to come once it is quilted).

And I got 4.88 miles running in this evening ... I am still a lot slower than I want to be by the time I run my 8K in May ... but still plenty of time to improve the pace.

Hope all is well


  1. It looks great....love the colours.

  2. Hmm - I've never tried zigzaging batting on the machine. I only knew to do it by hand - and never do because I hate to do that so much!

  3. I zigzag my batting pieces together - it works like a charm! And I only use Warm & Natural batting, because of the thickness problems on other brands - I found there was a lot of difference even in the same batt!

    I love that quilt - it is an awesome pattern and the brown backing just sets off those envelopes perfectly!!


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