Monday, February 28, 2011

Fallen Star Quilt ...

UPDATE:  And the quilt sold at the silent auction last weekend, raising $350 for the cause!!!

Well after a whole lot of drama ... I am happy to report that this quilt will get mailed this week.

For those of you who are new to this quilt saga.  It started as a contribution for a silent auction to raise money to add the names of fallen soldiers from the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division who are currently serving their 3rd tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom and  Operation New Dawn. 

While it is the Air Force, not the Army, that has the tradition of "the missing man formation", the missing star on the bottom right of this quilt, is meant to represent the soldiers who will not come home.

The inspriation for this quilt came from one of my favorite quilters, Jen at Little Scraps of Happiness, who also made hers for a silent auction to raise money for a Navy charity ... you could say that I pretty much copied her quilt ... [ but she's ok with this total copy cat because she knows it's for a good cause ].

Along the way ... this quilt became fodder for my first blog giveaway ... in exchange for hearing a variety of opinions on what clicks with YOU ... I gave away a few FQs from the LQS.  Kati at from the blue chair was the winner there (Kati ... I PROMISE ... in the mail tomorrow ;-). 

I also learned a ton about bleeding fabric colors yesterday (here and here) ... and my heartfelt thanks to so many friends who reached out (on the blog and in email) with thoughts, concerns and solutions!  All I can say is thank goodness for Kaufman's Kona White ... because every other white in this quilt thought seriously about becoming a pink ... and several did ...  So as I waited to see who had won the Oscar for Best Actor, Actress and Picture ... I also waited to pull this puppy out of the wash and ultimately determine the damage.

General conclusion ... some stars are now pink ... and I can't do much about that ... but it is still worthy of being listed in the auction. 

And Glenn from yarn + needle had some great insights for me last night ... "If you don't want to pre-wash try doing a "crocking" test.  Take a a 5" or bigger square and put it in a warm glass of work with the soap you intend on using.  You'll be able to see if the fabric will bleed in the finally wash." 

And Laurel from Lively Stitches also some thoughts on color bleeding.

The quilt by the numbers:
  • Each star block comprised of 9 4.5" blocks.
  • White sashing = Kaufman Kona White
  • Most of the reds and blues a custom scrap bag from Pink Chalk Fabrics
  • Finished size 60" x 72"
  • Quilting = tight meandering
  • Back pieced out of a variety of fabrics
And while I know this is a long post ... I must share some work that my friend and colleague provided for this auction.  When I first told Michelle about what I was doing, she immediately raised her hand to help ... and today she delivered this gorgeous table runner for the auction as well!

This was also Michelle's first attempt at wonky stars and I am SO impressed!  And I love the star quilting!
Thanks Michelle ... for caring and for making such a great auction item!

I am happy to get these off to my sister-in-law and hope that they help, in an earnest way, to support this cause.

All the best


  1. I think it turned out great. Thanks for explaining the missing star. I think that's a really neat touch. I don't think anyone will care about a slightly pink star or two. You did a great job. Don't worry about the fabric. I'm patiently waiting. :)

  2. It still looks awesome, Lisa! No one will notice and it all looks like it was planned. Great job and I hope they raise lots of money!

    (and you can copy any of my quilts any time you want!) Matter of fact, I just finished a top that is a lattice quilt like yours that you did way back when! So we'll just copy each other! ;)

  3. As an Air Force wife, I appreciate all that you went through for our troops (of all branches). I'm pretty sure there's something symbolic about the bleeding red stars but I'm too busy wiping away the tears from thinking about this quilt.

  4. I think it looks great and agree with the "if you didn't know". I think we notice little things in our work much more than anyone else ever will.


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