Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog sharing ...

New job, preparing for vacation, ramping training mileage for my first 8K and trying to figure out how to use iPhoto as we traded in our PC for a MAC (don't laugh ;-).

Reality ... quilting has suffered.  But the reason for this post ... blog sharing.  Earlier this year, there were a number of folks out there giving credit to smaller blogs ... sharing our work if you will.  I was fortunate to be mentioned in a couple of places and hopefully, have been a little inspiration to a few more bloggers over that time period.  One of the bloggers who so generously mentioned me was Marianne over at The Quilting Edge.

I don't point you back to her because she mentioned me ... I point you back to her because she has done some amazing quilting!  I first discovered Marianne on Flickr last fall when she had posted some photos of her incredible stash in her studio.  I had actually shown the photo to my husband so that he would know what good restraint I had been exercising!

Then I saw this quilt:
QAYG Improvised 2011
To me ... it represented EVERYTHING I could love about modern quilting ... colors, pattern, unique quilting, and most of all vision and courage.

Vision to create incredibly unique improv blocks and the courage to execute them.

Stop by and visit her ... I think you will be equally amazed!!!

All the best


  1. Thanks for pointing me to this blog - she has truly beautiful stuff on there! And that quilt you are showing above is really amazing!!

  2. I also LOVE marianne over at the Quilting Edge! Her quilts are gorgeous!
    P.S I also check out your blog daily! Fab stuff going here :)

  3. I have just discovered Marianne myself...just the other night on Flickr no less! I am inspired by her QAYG ideas and love her color choices...adding her methods to my "gotta try that" list

  4. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your kind words. I love the blog sharing thing.....I need to do a bit more of that myself. I see you are off to Amsterdam. How wonderful, I. Was there two years ago but didn't manage to find to much quilting fabric. Have wonderful time.


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