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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I am making progress on my first queen size quilt top (shown on the bed it's intended to cover at the cabin).  I've now got 3 sections of 36 squares completed (or 108 squares sewn together).  First blogged here

Here's my problem ... how many squares do I need in total?  Up until now, I just made lap quilts and whatever size they ended up ... end of discussion.

Spent some time looking this stuff up on the internet, there are a number of different recommended sizes for queen size quilts.  I also measured the comforter I have on the bed now and came up with another measure. 

In my recent order from Pink Chalk Fabrics, she included a Standard Quilt Size chart (how timely was that!!!) and yes ... it recommended yet another size ;-).

I have run a calculation below based on the Pink Chalk card:

A couple of questions for you experienced quilters out there ...
  • Do you reco 86" x 93" for a queen size quilt (I have a standard mattress ... no pillow top)
  • I'm using 7% shrinkage based on what I experienced on smaller quilts (I don't prewash fabric)
  • Is there anything else I should consider before I finalize the number of squares that I'm going to need?

I'm pretty excited about how this is going to look in the room!  But have to get the total quantity of squares resolved before I can more any further as I will likely need to add one more print to the equation and I want to make sure it gets "sprinkled throughout". 

Any thoughts you have would be welcome. 

Now off to run the dogs ... hope you're having a great weekend ...

All the best


  1. Measure the top of your bed, then add the amount you would like it to overhang on each side and the bottom. Warning - put enough on the bottom, or it will come untucked at night while you are sleeping!! That should give you YOUR finished size preference. I find that I like my queen size quilt a little larger than "queen size" because my hubby and I both tend to roll over with the quilt in our possession - that way one of us doesn't end up in the cold with just the edge of the quilt! Hope this helps!

  2. Sounds like you did the numbers correctly. I find that I never can get a full queen size into my home machine. If you're using a "long arm" service you're cool. I like your layout.

    I agree with Sarah about the length.

  3. I think 86x93 is fine. I personally like the look and feel of a king-size quilt on a queen bed, but maybe I'm a bit nutty.

    I would measure any quilt/blanket you have that feels like the right size on that particular bed and go with that.

    The quilt looks beautiful so far!

  4. Thanks everyone ... gives me a little more confidence as this thing grows in size!

    @Glenn I am also using a standard size sewing machine ... I have Juki on my wish list, but it's still a few months away from a budget perspective, but it won't be a long arm, just but will have a larger opening.

  5. I'm with Rossie...I like "extra" coverage so if I'm having company stay over I take the queen size quilt off the queen bed in the guest room and put on a king. I love the colors of your quilt-to-be :)


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