Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Nameless Quilt

As I previously posted here and here... the last 2 weeks have been about this graduation quilt for a friend who has earned her Masters degree in psychology.  Graduation is today ... and I just pulled it out of the dryer about 20 minutes ago!

The colors were inspired by their newly renovated living and dining rooms where they have a chocolate sofa, red velvet chairs and in the adjoining dining room, an aqua/teal colored ceiling!

The hardest part of the development of this quilt for me was figuring how to marry the two, very different, colors together.  Random placement just didn't seem to work.  Using a spreadsheet to try different options, I ultimately decided to group the colors together.

The aqua blocks merge in to the red, with a few white (negative space) blocks thrown in ... still my favorite element in a quilt is the periodic white piece that provides a restful place for the eye. 

The red and aqua prints were accented with chocolate, beige, mustard, aqua and natural Kona solids -- the sashing and back are a neutral solid.

The back is simple and comprises a strip of brown with a few 7" x 7" blocks of prints from the front.  I used chocolate Kona for the binding, except in one corner where I used one of the red prints for a little fun. 

Dimensions:  After quilting, binding and washing, the quilt it 57" x 70".  The blocks on the front are 12" square and sashed with 3" strips. 

The blocks are always fun to make ... a little improv ... a little adventure ... in the end ... I'm happy with how it came out and looking forward to seeing it in their new rooms!

Well, off to get ready for the party ... have a GREAT week!

Added Sunday evening ...

The quilt was a BIG hit ... here I am with the graduate and her new quilt! 

All the best


  1. Wow! That quilt is huge and it's AMAZING!! It's got to be the best present she's getting. I can't imagine a better one!

  2. Beautiful! I do love your use of white space--always just the right amount.

    I have been enjoying using my computer to plan quilting layouts--definitely a good starting point before I start cutting into favorite fabric.

  3. That is a truly spectacular quilt!! Your use of white space is genius......

  4. Hello, I found your blog through Amy's quilt hop. Love your quilts, your ideas and your blog. Added you to blogs I follow on my blog. Have a good week.

  5. the quilting really makes the quilt. it looks so amazing.

  6. gorgeous quilt. and as per usual you showed a great eye for color. well done.

  7. This quilt turned out great! I love the way you put white on some on the edges of some of the blocks so they look a different size than the others.

  8. This quilt looks great - I love the red and aqua set against the white.

  9. Saw this quilt on flicker and came to see your blog. I love this quilt and your process. Thank you so much for sharing!


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