Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's been awhile ...

The fixins for my next quilt ... it's my sister-in-law's birthday in July and she's been admiring the quilts I made for my nieces ... and now she's about to learn what a few compliments will get you !!

It's been a while since I've either blogged or quilted ... life has gotten in the way.  Life has shown up in a great way with friends, family and a little quality time for me taking priority. 

But after two weeks away from it ... i miss it!  So it's time to get started on the next quilt.  And I fell in love with some cute Joel Dewberry fabric in the LQS today. 

I haven't forgotten my improv block tutorial ... stay tuned!

All the best


  1. Beautiful fabrics - your sister-in-law is one lucky lady! Glad you're back!

  2. Yes, life does that sometimes--gets in the way. :) Whenever it is convenient, your tute will be great to have!

  3. Oh what lovely fabrics - what colour are you using to 'combine' everything together, lime or stone?

  4. Glad you're back :) Love the fabric....lucky SIL!!

  5. Thanks everyone ... iron broke last night, but am back in the saddle tonight ;-) Ethne, I am stick with my tried & true white ... Joann's white Sateen.


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