Sunday, May 30, 2010

A little cabin living ...

It's Memorial Day weekend here in the US ... a weekend where we remember those who've given their lives for our country ... as the daughter and sister of veterans who've fought respectively in Vietnam and Iraq & Afghanistan, this weekend I remember both those that have lost their lives as well as their families who have also born an enormous cost ...

Memorial Day also signals the beginning of summer ... well, it probably does if you live anywhere else in the US, here in the Pacific Northwest we will be lucky to get up to 60F this weekend.  But we're "braving it out at the cabin this weekend" ... so a little cabin living for you ...

The transition from winter (down duvet) to summer (quilt) bedding ... she's ready, he's not quite.

Hermit crabs found in our oyster shucking efforts.

We got our the new solar sails up ... far more economical than a good patio umbrella ... and really cool looking too ... a fabulous product from "down under".


And setting a little time aside to quilt the Graduation Confetti quilt (seeing the graduation was 2 weeks ago ... I'm a little behind).

I hope your having an equally fun and productive weekend!!!

All the best


  1. Mmmmm, looks like fun! And so much eye candy in your pics -I love the "hers" quilt on your bed, the solar sails, and the little glimpse of the Graduation Confetti quilt!! Enjoy the cabin!!

  2. i love those sails...what a fun way to get some shade

  3. I just adore that quilt chucked across your bed - just how quilts should be - in use and part of the furniture. The colours you used in that one are just so fab.

  4. Ha! That is too funny, and so common, I'll bet. Although it would be the other way around with us--I'd still want the heavier bedding, and hubby would be nearly kicking the quilt off!

    Thanks for the kind words you left for us about the Fresh Vanilla pink quilt!


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