Monday, May 10, 2010

Another scrappy stripe quilt

So I have been busy ... just not as vocal ;-).

This is the last of my "thank you" quilts ... and it goes to my former boss at the company I left last year ... she was fantastically supportive over the past year as I "found myself".  She has also recently resigned and is taking some time off, so this is for her early morning cup of tea on the balcony as the sun rises.

I first made this quilt for me ... and while I don't carry it around with me, I have to admit, I don't go to sleep at night without it around my shoulders!  I just LOVE the scraps and stripes against the white! 

The back is a simple stripe of green prints.

And I found a cute little polka-dot fabric at JoAnns' for the binding ... oh, and now you can see my machine sewn binding ... I keep promising myself I will try hand sewing one ... but it's always on the "next" quilt ;-). 

Quilted with a meandering pattern ... I really went for a tight quilting, which maximizes the krinkly effect, particularly with the white sateen fabric.

And ... for the first time, I'm sewing them faster than I'm delivering them ... these two are waiting to be presented to their new owners ...

Thanks for all your advice on balancing quilting with so many other demands!  I have decided to get the new machine ... though I am going to wait for a few months until our budget gets back in order ... can't wait!

Hope you have all had equally productive weeks!

All the best


  1. Gorgeous! I love the way you use your scraps! You're very creative and I really love your quilts!

  2. Love this quilt! As usual! I just love the scraps with some solid and all that restful white - wonderful.

  3. I commented over at flickr, then followed you here. Your recipient is lucky, this is a great quilt for sipping tea on a balcony.

  4. Yay! Good to see you back in the saddle! The quilt is beautiful, as always.

  5. I LOVE your quilts!!! Could you give us some instructions on how you put together one of these???

  6. Wow, what an amazing combination of colours. and such a unique design. I love this quilt.

  7. Thanks everyone!!! Colleen ... happy to put together a tutorial ... stay tuned!

  8. Thanks so much Lisa!!! Can't wait :) I recently did a table runner in the modern style without any plan....just left over pieces and fat quarters. It was so much fun to just "let it happen".

  9. Firstly this quilt is stunning. Secondly, pop back to to sign up for Fresh Modern Bee II. Lynne

  10. Colleen ... I just did my first improv quilt in January of this year:

    before that, I was just learning how to quilt so I basically just reverse engineered things I saw that I liked.

    Now I'm really enjoying the "make it up as I go along" part of it!!!


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