Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's been a year ...

Since I made my first quilt!!!

It was made for John's newly adopted grandson.  The Plainspoken patter, inspired by this beaultiful quilt from Amy ala mode.

I have learned TONS about quilting in the past year -- both personally and from others:
  • From others:
    • If your toe doesn't get caught in the pucker on the back ... leave it
    • Bindings are meant to be mitered at the corners (still haven't managed to try one of those yet)
    • Washing and ironing all fabric is not required
    • Walking feet are required for straight line quilting
    • A quilt doesn't have to be finished in a week
  • Personally:
    • Color combinations can work in quilts that would never work in other places
    • Solids can make fabulous quilts too
    • Making product for an Etsy shop is just not my thing
    • Perfection may be a goal, but it's not required
    • I do have a creative side
    • I have had the opportunity to give over 35 friends and family members gifts that have come from my heart and my own creativity ... and that's something to feel REALLY good about!
I can also say that the Flickr/Blog quilting community has been FABULOUS!  I have enjoyed learning from the more seasoned, evolving with my peers and actually providing some inspiration to some new comers!

Oh ... and here's a peek at another one I have in the works ...

It's a high-school graduation present ... from this tutorial.  I had forgotten how much work is involved in a string quilt ... gorgeous ... but definitely time consuming!    But this is practice as I have joined my first quilting bee ... Fresh Modern Bee 2.  The first block I must make is from the same tutorial!  Isn't that a brilliant idea ... get a bunch of people to make all the blocks for you ... oh ... I am so going to like this quilting bee thing!

Here's to the next year of quilting ... hoping my skills continue to evolve at the same pace!

All the best


  1. Lisa, I love the strings quilt! Beautiful!
    and..we must have started quilting the same time! I just about at my 1 year blog anniversary but i starting quilting a few months prior. I love all of your work!

  2. Woot woot! A year? And THIRTY FIVE quilts?!! Good gracious. :) Amazing! And this newest string quilt is beautiful, by the way, as was your first one.

  3. I still love love love the earthy colours in your first quilt. And I love your whole quilt life philosophy - I totally agree with it all - Im doing this to relax and refuse to let little glitches and mistakes wind me up. Can't wait for the first bee package!

  4. Good Lord you put me to shame - 35 quilts in one year - I'm still trying to gather up courage to quilt one that's been basted for about 2 years
    Congratulations on your success - oh and watch Sharon Schambers video's re binding (machine binding) - I'm hoping to practice (and be sucessful at it on 3 projects next week)

  5. wow. you are prolific aren't you? that's an amazing achievement. well done.

  6. Congratulations on your first year of quilting! I think making 35 quilts in one year gives you expertise and experience that is much greater than the actual year. I always look forward to seeing your next project!

  7. Some good advice in that list. AmandaJean ( does a great tutorial for binding--makes mitered corners super easy. And congrats on a year of quilting!

    Also, good luck in your bee, and those string blogs are divine!

  8. Thanks everyone! I actually made 42 quilts ... but we got to keep a couple for ourselves ;-). I am very excited that I've been able to maintain a level of quilting activity even though I am now working again. Sneaking in a little here and a little there ... is actually giving me just the "fix" I need!


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