Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trade offs ...

So as much as I want to be out playing in my garden on this fabulous late winter, seems-like-spring day ...
Or laying out plans for to make some throws for the pooches from this cute fabric I found on sale at JoAnns ...

I have a job interview !!! tomorrow and need to spend my day reading this ... to brush up on my thinking skills.

... sounds exciting doesn't it ;-). 

But ... I will reward myself later today by getting John to blow up one of my Christmas presents ...
and heading across the street to the school yard to teach him how to play basketball.  My husband was raised in the UK and leans towards sports like rugby, soccor and squash, picking up his first basketball when he purchased this one back in December!  Looking forward to playing a game with him on MY court!

I hope you're finding a good way to spend your day ;-)

All the best


  1. I need to see if my Joann has that fabric. My dogs would love it!

    I keep going back to look at your neutral quilt, I really like it.


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