Saturday, February 20, 2010

A neutral quilt ...

As I mentioned here, I am made this lap quilt for my cousin's twenty-something daughter who just bought her first home.  As she doesn't have any furniture yet, she wanted to go neutral.  I got her to add one color ... green.  She has some beautiful cedars and other conifers outside her large living room windows, so I tried to stick with greens that I would find in nature. 

There are 18 unique 11.75" blocks which are improvisationally pieced.  My theme was to start with a small square, which then ends up offset somewhere within the larger square.  Each block has one print and multiple solids.
There are 7 blocks that are comprised of the sashing fabric.  The sashing is Quilters Solid from JoAnns in 'Natural', it's not as soft as the sateen, but I find it really easy to sew with. 

The back is simple ... same color as the sashing with a simple splash of one neutral fabric with a solid. 
And the binding is a simple, small pattern I found in my LQS ... with a couple pieces of solids.

The quilt was 70" square pre-wash and 65" square after a warm bath and hot dry ...

I was a little worried about how a 'neutral' quilt would work ... but I like how it came out, it's calm and I
think it will grow with her and her furniture choices going forward!

Have you made a 'neutral' quilt?

All the best


  1. I.LOVE.THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is AWESOME. PERIOD. END OF STORY!!!

  2. I love the way this quilt turned out! It has a wonderful variety of fabrics and a peaceful, calming look.

    I made a small neutral quilt for our bedroom wall. I called it Creme Francaise-it is on my Flickr photostream. I would like to try a larger one someday. Just one of the many quilts living in my brain!

  3. this is a beautiful quilt: i love how simple it is!

  4. Love this quilt. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. You make such lovely quilts, and they are such an inspiration. I'm waiting for the next post on your next beautiful quilt! No pressure...:)

  6. What a wonderful quilt! I saw it on Flickr and had to see more of it!!


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