Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day !!!

Barely snuck that in!  My second night of insomnia ;-(.  And I thought that hot tubs were supposed to make you sleepy ... not wake you up!

 It will be one-year ago next month that we finished the cabin ... it's been a fabulous place to relax and rejuvinate ... though with the rainy pacific northwest winters, we don't get out here as often during the "dark months".  When we do, those dreary days make it easier to stay inside and quilt ... which I did all day yesterday! 

Here's what my sewing room at the cabin looks like ... fortunately, we have a bar in the kitchen we can eat dinner at ;-).  Come to think of it ... it actually doesn't look that different from my sewing room at home ... some day ... I will have a dedicated space.

My cousin's daughter has just bought her first home.  So I am making her a quilt for a house warming present.  We delivered a hand-me-down wool carpet to her last weekend and she gave me the colors she wants ... neutrals (hmmm).  Not quite sure how to piece that, I asked her if she were to add a color, what would it be ... "green.  The color green that you see in nature, not too yellow, not too blue.  Green."

So I spent some time at my LQS last week and picked out a few Green pieces that I hope are up to the task.   Yesterday ... as the rain fell heavily on the metal roof ... I made some neutral blocks (well ... I hope that brown is considered neutral).

My measuring skills weren't up to snuff though and I eroneously made several of the blocks 11" instead of 12".  You can see the extra piecing on all 3 blocks in the middle.  There will be a 2" cream color sashing (the extra fabric on the right block) as well as some negative space, so I believe that it will end up looking fine ... but frustrating none-the-less.

I am now up to 13 blocks.  The quilt will be 6 blocks x 4 blocks ... but I am going to leave 6 blocks 'empty' (one in each row), so I only need 5 more to finish.  It should end up a generous 58" x 86" before shrinkage. 

As for that portable sewing room ... everything, except the matt, goes back and forth between houses each weekend.  It all packs up into my oversize tote from LL Bean (it's an enormous 17" x 19" x 10").  The sewing machine is a portable and it tucks behind the drivers seat and I can usually find some room somewhere for the sewing bag (though one trip it was on my lap).  Despite having a gas-guzzling SUV to get to and from the cabin, we also have 2 English Setters, coolers for food and garbage to be hauled out. 

It takes a little planning to have the right stash with me ... but I find it keeps me a little more project focused. 

Well, I hope you had a happy day with friends and family. 

All the best


  1. Those blocks are GORGEOUS. The rich browns give it an almost luxe feel. Very nice!

  2. The blocks are neutral--and beautiful! And I love that "Sewing" tote!

  3. I love the way this is shaping up! I like the idea of the blank blocks too.

  4. Thanks! I finished my 18th block before we headed back yesterday. Hope to get the top pieced tonight before I start thinking about what the back should look like.


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