Freja Quilt Pattern has Launched!!!

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Freja Quilt Pattern has launched!!!

Well, it actually launched on July 26th ... but when you're trying to host friends two weekends in a row, launch a quilt pattern during the week between those weekends and then leave 2 days after the 2nd weekend on a 2-month trip—some things get forgotten—and I forgot to post the pattern launch 😮

It's now available in my shop—and because I 💘my blog readers—I am giving you guys a 20% discount for the weekend (through 11:30PM, Sunday, Aug 11) for this and all quilt patterns on my site.

You can find the pattern here
Use the FREJA20 discount at check out for ALL quilt patterns

Freja is my fourth mod-century modern pattern behind Geometric Patchwork, Connected Squares, and RetroBlock.

Freja had been bouncing around in my head for quite some time.  And I finally got the first test quilt made in May of this year.  Once that was done ... I was in love.

My first effort was in traditional mid-century modern colors, but I was quickly able to venture into alternate color ways and started making them one after another.  While the pattern does require precision to carry off the angles, it really is a VERY fast pull together (e.g. I could cut and piece a throw size quilt in less than a day).

First it was Kona Ash with different golds/yellows/mustards for the first baby version.

Then I got this idea to make it a bit asymmetrical, but creating the crib version, but adding additional fabric to enlarge it to a throw with the design off center, in blues and grays.

Finally, back to the stash for some Kona Ash and a few colors that will go with mom's new mauve chair.  She got a new chair this summer that has an electronic control that lifts the chair up to help her get up easier.  I promised her a lap quilt to go with it.  Since she's one of our stops on our 2-month journey, my timing for an additional test quilt was perfect!

And then there are the quilt testers.  If you've read any of my launch posts before, you know that these are the true champions when it comes to launching a new pattern and the Freja quilters were no exception to that rule.

Check out the quilting texture on these two beauties!

Baby version (by Lyn @lyncauwels on Instagram)
Queen center version with smaller borders to create large throw (by Denise @Denise_Hamilton611 on Instagram)
And other beautiful test versions of this quilt ...

The Babies!!!  clockwise starting on left:  Susan @quiltmod519, Joanne @turtlequilterjo & Lyn @lyncauwels

And a few asymmetrical versions:

Asymmetrical Throw—Carolyn @micko_mum

Asymmetrical Throw—Cassie @cassie_quilts

Throw—Janine @lilbeanquilting
Throw—Amber @auntiekilljoy

I love their work.  Not just the beautiful finished quilt tops,  but the great work that they do to truly test out the pattern and ensure that when it's ready to launch, it is in great shape for all.  So my sincere thanks to all 8 of these great testers that worked on the Freja Pattern.

And yes—we are now on our two-month trip.  Today was a ferry trip across Lake Huron south from Manitoulin Island, Ontario as we head to visit family a bit north of the Toronto metro region.

Hope all is well with you guys!


My Interwoven Quilt

Friday, July 19, 2019

I will admit, there was a few minutes when I thought I might have bitten off more than I can chew with this quilt ...

Not that it wasn't doable, but more that I wasn't really sure I had the time right now to get the quilt completed.  I have a pattern to launch, 5 sets of awnings to finish, we leave for a couple of months in two weeks time AND we're having house guests for the next two weekends.

But I am SO glad I stuck it out!

This is for the daughter of a dear friend, L.  She just graduated from University of Southern California (USC) and is off to Harvard Law in the fall.  I have known her mom since before L was born.  John and I used to babysit for her when she was a tike and it's been a joy to watch her grow up to become such an amazing woman.

The color was based on school colors.  Crimson for Harvard and Cardinal and Gold for USC.  But because it is a quilt and not a school flag, there are other colors, eleven of them to be exact.  It was the first quilt that I used my newest Flexible Kona Color card on.

I had reached out to her mom with a couple of patterns that I was interested in trying and she liked the Interwoven Quilt Pattern by Lo and Behold Stitchery best. 

So I purchased the pattern, ordered my fabrics from Fabric Shack and waited patiently to get started!

I started with the lightest color.  Made my 5 squares.  And had to rip it all out again.

Turns out my scant 1/4" wasn't quite as scant as I thought it was.  The finished block needed to measure 10 1/2".  Mine didn't.

So I pulled out some scraps and fiddled with it until I had it right.  And then started all over again. 

A couple of lessons learned here, but one that I discovered that's worth sharing.  Don't rip the seams out and then sew back together.  Sew the pieces where you think they really should have been sewn and THEN take out the redundant seam.  So much easier.  Would have been even better if I had discovered that on the first block I had to redo.  😆

After that, I kind of just did a color or two a day (amongst all the other things that needed to get done).

Still trying to determine what I'll do with the extra half squares I trimmed off all the way around ... there has to be something I can do with them, right?!?!?

One thing I did, which I think helped a lot.  Because of the trimming, this quilt has a LOT of open ends on the perimeter (e.g. seams where you couldn't back-tack on them), so I did a large basting stitch at about 1/8" all the way around the quilt to hold the pieces together.

Ultimately, I got it completed!  Whew!

Then it was time for basting.  It was a pretty big quilt for my tight studio.  Again, I think the basting around the edges really helped here.

I can't believe I didn't get a photo of the back!  Here's the backing fabric that I used.  Which I pieced with some Kona Red and Kona Pewter to make it fit the back.

Someone said his arms were hurting from holding the quilt!

It is BIG!  57" x 71"

I am really happy with how it came out.  I think it's a nice vibrant quilt for a young woman and it really did stretch me to improve my stitching accuracy. 

While I don't know that I would jump in and make again right away as it is a time consuming pattern.  It is definitely a pattern I will hold onto.  I am kind of intrigued with the two color version that Brittany designed.  So I may yet find another excuse to make it come 2020.

Thanks for stopping by!


The quilting mistake ...

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Oh ... you've been there.

You're trying to figure out how to quilt your latest endeavor ... you have a lot of ideas.  But more likely, you've got this nagging suspicion that what you're about to do is going to detract from the quilt, so instead, you go safe and simple.

Well ... to be perfectly honest, safe and simple would have been the better choice here.

I thought that the quilting outline that echoed the shapes would have been a good element.

It wasn't.

Honestly, it probably wasn't the quilting lines that were the problem, it was likely the density of the quilting.  Sometimes, less is more.

The quilting distorted the simple design on the quilt top.

I share, not because I am proud of the mistake, but because quilting is a process with learnings ... every day.  And I want to share the learnings as well.

The good news is it was a baby quilt, so it was only about 3 hours with a seam ripper to remove it.

But rip it out I did!  In the end, I went SUPER simple.  Straightly line quilting at 1 7/8" spacing (that was determined by the spacing on the elements in the quilt).   It's just tight enough that nothing else is needed and yet I call the quilting both loose and scarce.

It's an example of NOT letting the quilting take over the quilt.  This is a simple design.  In the absence of a cool, mid-century-modern quilt design on a long arm, this quilt just needed some basic quilting that let the design shine through.

Oh ... and did I mention the PERFECT backing that I had in my stash?


Quilt details:

Pattern:  Freja Quilt Pattern by Shinersview (hopefully launching July 25th).
Dimensions:  Baby version, 40" x 50"
Fabric:  Kona solids.  Ash, Curry and two other yellows (not sure which ones)
Backing:  Honeycomb something, purchased about 2 years ago from Hawthorne Supply, pretty sure it's no longer available. Oh wait!  I found it.  It's Minimalista by AGF Studio.
Binding:  Kona Curry solid

Oh, and not only did I quilt the same quilt twice in two days 😏I also baked my FIRST EVER pie!

And it was AWESOME!  A blueberry & rhubarb pie with a home baked pie crust, no less.  You can find the recipe here and it gets 5 out 5 stars!  Pretty simple to make and it was delicious—hubs and I polished it off in 3 nights—just the two of us!


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