Friday, September 21, 2018

Patchwork effort

I call it an "effort" ... as I don't actually view it as a success. 

The objective was to echo the quilting in the squares in the white borders ... it might have worked had I used a dark border with a lighter thread ... but it didn't work with the white.  And it's basically a rather blah quilt. 

I should have tried it on a mini quilt first ...

That's how we learn ... right?

Now I am trying to figure out if I put it in the shop on SALE to move it ... or give it to GOODWILL and someone will be able to get hand-crafted for cheap ...

Which would you do?



  1. I think it's beautiful and I would gladly treasure it and I am sure there are many who would agree with me. Whichever you decide someone will have a piece of quilt art to keep them warm and snuggly Tx

  2. I don’t see it as a blah quilt. It has wonderful Fall colors on the lighter side, which is not often seen. And now that I’ve seen that, I also see the white as the snow that will follow all too soon.

  3. Try it in the shop and if it doesn't sell, donate it to a charity where someone who needs a beautiful quilt-y hug will benefit from it (and you can take a tax deduction for it if you want!)

  4. It looks fine from where I sit. We are sometimes our harshest critics. If you decide to donate it, perhaps consider trying to find a local group i.e., Project Linus, women's shelter, foster care agency to give it to. There is someone just waiting for a show of love. Someone may also buy it. The decision is all yours.


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