Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's been a while ...

A lot going on in my world ... work, vacation, family visits ... work ... work ... !!!

My husband is expecting a grandson ... note I say my husband ... I remain far too young for the grandparent thing ;-)

And as I know you know ... there's never a baby that I didn't have a quilt for!

You may remember that I was playing with this pattern back here and here.

I enjoyed the process on this one and the different pattern that ultimately played out here.

All Kona cottons on the front but a great alphabet soup flannel on the back.


  1. I don't like the granny thing either - they call me NaNa, which is slightly better. LOVE this pattern and flannel is great for backing baby quilts. Snuggly and they don't slide off.

  2. So pretty, Lisa! And you say now that you're too young to be a grandma - but believe me, you hold that baby in your arms and you're going to be telling everyone, "That's my grandkid!" It's wonderful being a grandparent - so much better than being a parent!! God's reward for not killing your kids when they were younger, I guess…. ;-)


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