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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sadly … the problems with my Juki TL-2010Q continue …

I spent 3 years looking at machines before finally jumping in last year and purchasing a Juki.  I looked local (Seattle) but wasn't able to find a dealer (apparently I didn't look deep enough).  But based on the great reference from Rachel at Stitched in Color and her online shopping and service experience.  I gave it a go with the same on-line vendor and purchased this beauty with a 5 year warranty …

Juki TL2010Q

Within 2 weeks, the problems (and service problems) started.  The lower thread guide broke while I was sewing … I contacted the people I bought the machine from and began the "well which part is it" exchange of emails.  They are on the east coast, I am on the west coast, so there was never a time where I could sit at the phone and have a conversation with them about it.  After pouring through different manuals they sent me. etc. I finally zeroed in on the correct piece.  They ordered it, I waited a month and then it arrived and I had no idea how to install it … yup … more emails.

During the time this thread guide was missing, I made adjustments to tensions so I could continue to sew … BIG mistake … it's never sewed properly since.  

The plastic knob on the top came off in my hand in December … the stitching was still poor … so I decided to contact the vendor I purchased the machine from … I was told that they would only service it if I had the original packaging and shipped it back to them in the original box.  A) would have been nice to know from the start might have tried to save packaging and B) ship it back … isn't Juki a national company with a product still under warranty?  No dice, and I might add, little interest in helping me.  Seem's when you have a blog with a large following like Rachel … vendors are a bit more focused on helping you then when you're just someone who saved for 3 years to buy a new machine.

Giving up on them, I opted to pay for repairs, took it to my local shop where they said they don't fix Juki's, but sent it out to someone who does and it came back $0 charge as it was still under warranty!!!  How excited was I.  Finally, a machine that works properly.  Kinda … the stitching still wasn't as good as my 40 year-old portable Pfaff … but by now I was resigned.

Fast forward to last month … used my walkingfoot for the first time this year and it completely turned the shaft that holds the needle … yup, not the part that holds the needle, the ENTIRE shaft.  Needing to get a quilt completed, I ripped out what I had stitched and started again with a free-motion foot.  But unfortunately, the twisted shaft was hitting the foot.  Desperate, I grabbed pliers and completely turned the shaft back to where it belonged.  Worked fine, if you consider breaking thread every 60 seconds fine, but at least it was stitching with the free motion foot on.

Juki TL2010Q twisted shaft
Juki TL2010Q twisted shaft

 I contacted Juki national and was told it likely had to do with needing stitching adjustments due to the fact that I had turned the shaft back straight … what ?!?!?   I fiddled with it again and got it back to mediocre stitching.  I then asked for them to help me get this fixed or replaced … it is a lemon.

That's when I discovered my problem isn't just with the vendor I purchased it from … it is with Juki.  First they started down the return it in the original box challenge.  I seem to have gotten through that and they are going to send me a box to ship it in … but apparently I am responsible for any damage that may occur in shipping it EITHER direction.  

Totally frustrated and leaving for Paris … I let it sit.  Until today.  Today, I put the walking foot back on and within 169" of quilting on a new quilt, had completely shifted the shaft again which you can see in the photo below.

Juki TL 2010Q shaft shifted by walking foot - side view
Any of the problems that I have had in isolation would just be part of owning a new machine … the challenge is that they are non-stop and this machine is about to hit 1 year, ending the warranty.  And for those of you following my blog this year … you know I haven't done that much quilting due to family issues in 2013.

Terribly disappointed by the whole thing … the machine is a lemon, the online purchase racket is rife with issues none of which are disclosed up front and the e-mail communications I have had with Juki's Assistant Sales Manager, North America, are focused on "rules never disclosed" and little to no interest in helping a customer with major challenges with their machine.

The Pfaff Grand Quilter is looking better every day … 

All the best


  1. You poor thing! I hope you manage to get somewhere with them soon, whilst your still covered.

  2. I'm sorry to hear your story. Can you take it back to your local shop for another service under warranty? Not going to buy a Juki any time soon after your story. Best machine I have is a reconditioned Singer 301, paid $40, spent $200 having it serviced and parts.

  3. I am so sorry for all the problems you had with your machine. It must be so miserable to have saved up money, done your research, only to find that your excited expectations were not met at all. You just made a lot of readers of your blog think twice about their next Juki purchase, I am sure! Quilting is supposed to be fun and relaxing--not stressful and anxiety-ridden!
    Take care. Hope there is eventually a good ending to this nightmare!

  4. Oh Lisa I'm really sorry - that is the most horrendous customer service I have ever heard of! I wouldn't consider a Juki under any circumstances now so thank you for the review. Have you contacted them on twitter or facebook, see if you can shame them in to some action?

  5. Lisa, I just spoke with the Juki rep here at the quilt show in Paducah - she will hopefully be contacting you about the problems you've been having. She was very concerned about your bad experience and said that they would want to fix it. Hopefully she will be in touch - I told her your name and blog address (I couldn't find your email on my phone!). Good luck!!

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  7. Oh, I am so sorry you have had such problems...I have the Juki 98Q and love it so much. I have had it for probably 6 or 7 years and it just sews and sews. Which it should with it being a straight stitch only. There is a yahoo group for the Juki 98Q and there are a couple guys on there that deal in them that are always so good to help. I read and read and read on that group before I bought my 98Q....I have seen those guys walk members through setting their timing when they have sewn and hit something and got their timing off....

    Anyway, I am sure you will never want another Juki....I know I wouldn't in your place. But I have loved my 98Q and just recently bought the Exceed F600 and love it so far.

  8. My Juki 2010Q just decided to have crummy stitches on the bobbin side with Dual Duty thread. It likes Aurifil, but what changed? I bought it for the perfect tension.


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