Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thank you tote

I've definitely got a thing for this tote!  

Market Tote Bag
First ... it's sooooo easy to make!  Second ... it's fun to bring to life with different prints and combinations of colors.  Third ... it is extremely practical in Seattle where plastic grocery bags have been outlawed and it costs you a nickel for a paper bag.  But most of all ... it's a GREAT gift!

And ... btw ... you can find Bijou Lovely Design's tutorial here ...

This one is a thank you gift ... we had a hardwood floors in our city house refinished last week.  While my retired husband could stay out at our cabin for a week with the dogs ... I lived a nomadic existence out of the back of my car for a week as people were kind enough to let me stay with them so that I could get to work on a daily basis.  

This one is for Sharon to say thanks for the hospitality ... really, really, really appreciated!

Hope you guys have been having a good week.

All the best!


  1. Very lovely,thoughtful gift. Paper bags are $.10 her and go up to $.25 Jan 1, 1914. Northern California.

  2. Love this bag!! I'm dying to make some new totes and this design takes such great advantage of the amazing prints out there.

    Sounds like your friends got the best end of this deal - getting to have you over and a gift :)


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