Sometimes laying it out is the hardest part ...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My first attempt at a bento box quilt ... I have 14 of the 20 blocks finished, so still an opportunity to add in some more to increase the variety ...

This is for my niece for her graduation present.

There is no doubt about it ... photos can help you see so much that you can't with the naked eye ... like all the white in the middle of the current layout ;-).

Hope all is well with you!


  1. This is looking great - unusual colour combination but I love it!

  2. Yummy! It's so true that finding the perfect layout can be the hardest part. For some reason I find it easier to see if things are evenly placed in photos rather than by "eye".

  3. Love the colours in this bento - I find I can flip-flop blocks for weeks with these types of patterns and still scratch my head - sometimes you just have to put it together.

  4. Fun color combo, grey was a good addition.


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