Monday, February 25, 2013

Market Tote

They banned plastic grocery bags in Seattle last year ... we picked up a number of great grocery bags from LL Bean a few years back and John uses those to do the main shopping (yes ... he cooks AND shops ;-).

But I've been wanting a bag for my car to use when I go to all the other stores that no longer offer plastic bags.

Market Tote
I ran across this fabulous tutorial by Bijou Lovely on Pinterest and saved it for a rainy day ...

This weekend I hunted through some fabrics to find something that I wanted to burn through to give it a try.  I picked up a yard of Kona solid when I was at JoAnns yesterday to buy the fusing.

Fully lined Market Tote
It was pretty dang easy ;-).

I am thinking these could make a good hostess gift for some of my Seattle friends!

Hope you had a great weekend ....


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  1. Lovely bag and looks like a great size. Would make a great hostess gift.


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