Monday, February 11, 2013

For Us!

Chevron quilt
My first commission quilt was a chevron quilt.  While I had dabbled briefly with chevrons, here and here ... I had never made a completed quilt of them, and I had only done them with HSTs.

So ... before attempting a commission, I figured I need to try one out on my own.  Off to the stash I went ... and am pleased to share ...

This baby was a freebie ... constructed entirely from the stash ... front and back -- and my first labeled quilt that wasn't a commission!

It will sit in our family room on the green leather sofa or chair that it was made for!

And again, I used both the chevron tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts and the binding tutorial from Rachel @ Stitched in Color.  Actually, I am not really using Rachel's tutorial any longer ... this is just how I will bind my quilts going forward, and Rachel taught me ;-0.

The back is nothing terribly special ... it is also completely from the stash ...

I love a new, unexpected quilt ... particularly one that really didn't cost anything to make.  The commission quilt was a success ... and so, I think, was this one!

All the best

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  1. I just love looking at the combination of colour other quilters use. Very striking,it is amazing just how much fabric we have in our stashes.


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