Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lotsa pillows!

The pillows are complete!  The two on the left go to my brother's two daughters (aged 13 and 16) and the two on the right go to my sister's 2 daughters (aged 16 & 19).  The one in the middle is my "oops" pillow and will stay right on this bed in the guest room.

I did finally get them monogrammed correctly.
Monogrammed pillow backs
And each pillow, actually is accompanied by a smaller pillow as well.
Pair of pillows
Pillows by the number:

  • 2 pillow forms -- 16" x 16" and 12" x 16"
  • Patterned fabrics from Lotta Jansdotter and Metro Living by Robert Kaufman.  The gray is Kona Coal (some of the small pillow fronts, and the back on all the pillows).
  • Fronts have very light quilting with batting.  Backs are strictly material with a zipper installed.

The final cost I figure was bout $26 per set of pillows -- broken down as follows:

  • $16 for pillow forms (with 50% off coupons @ JoAnns)
  • $4 in printed fabric (total printed material cost was $25, but I have about 1/3 of material left over, so can't assign all the cost to these pillows)
  • $2 in solids (~1/2 yard per set and a 40% off coupon @ JoAnns)
  • $4 for zippers 
  • Free -- batting, trimmed from quilts 
The weren't exactly the bargain I had initially anticipated ... the pillow forms were over 60% of the cost.  But I was really happy with how they came out and they definitely fit with this year's present theme ... home made and from the heart ;-).

Hope your holiday presents are nearing completion!

All the best.


  1. The pillows are beautiful. I love the grey and teal combo! Your nieces are going to love it.
    Whoop! Whoop!

  2. love them! I wish I got homemade gifts for Christmas!

  3. They look wonderful! I love the monograms on the back - perfect :)

  4. They are all gorgeous, Lisa! The colors are awesome! Whoop whoop!!

  5. These are so fun! I wish I was getting a pair... :)

  6. This is such a cute idea! They are adorable and will be well loved!

  7. I've found an easy way to save money on pillow forms is to buy the $2 bed pillows at walmart! I then chop them up to fit the size I need.

  8. I love the fresh modern design!
    Whoop Whoop!

  9. Your pillows are lovely! I really like your choice of colors.


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