Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little cabin living ...

The fire set

I love camping!  And since the cabin was completed 2 years ago ... my husband has struggled to understand why we would want to sleep in a tent ... so there has been no camping.

What I really came to realize that I missed most was not the tent sleeping, but the campfire!  So as part of the 50th birthday that keeps on giving (and hopefully will all year ;-), my fabulous husband bought me a new fire ring and built two adirondack chairs to go with it!

He started with this book and plan.
And then assembled them here.
and here

Before staining them barn red (yes, I know they look pink in the photo ... but they are a perfect shade of red).

To complete the set, for $6.98, I was able to pick up two throws at Value Village to keep us warm on the chilly summer nights we get here in the pacific northwest.

We christened everything Friday night ...

... I am thinking it might be time to put the camping gear up for sale on Craigslist ...

Didn't he do a great job ?!?!?

Update:  The book that he used with the pattern is Better Homes & Gardens Furniture Projects

All the best


  1. Great chairs - have 2 on my front porch that my Dad made and son is currently making them with his other rustic furniture line. You just slide back and melt - and a fire pit just adds that extra 'glowing' mellow.

  2. Your DH did a fabulous job! What could be better than sitting by a fire on a summer evening :)

  3. Your husband made those chairs? Oh my, I've gotta show mine this, I'm still waiting for mine to finish the letterbox he started two years ago, to replace the one that needed replacing then. Sigh, I live in hope!

    Love a good fire to sit around!

  4. He did a great job! Your birthyear celebration is turning out great. I might have missed it but from what book did he get the pattern? Thanks, Wendy
    Hope you enjoy them again tonight.
    taylorhw@comcast.net (can't seem to work google)


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